Pro Tip:
Please come in completely dry, free of sweat and body lotion. Men must be wearing dry underwear. Don't worry - if you forget, they have moisture-stripping body wipes for you.
Free parking is available in the back of the building, which can be accessed off of 10th Street.

Santa Monica


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924 Wilshire Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90401 

+1 424-231-8500

Open Hours

Regular Hours

Mon - Thurs: 9:00am to 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 7:00pm

Fri: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Sat - Sun: 10:00am to 3:00pm

Services Offered

Whole Body Cryotherapy: Three Minutes of extreme cold from the neck down to the toes

Full Body Cryotherapy: Three Minutes of extreme cold from full body with breathable arctic air and bluetooth music surround system

Clearlight infrared Sauna with Red Light Spectrum: 25 minutes in our extra large Sauna with room two ($15 extra a person), eucalyptus towels after, and a TV as well as bluetooth surround system

Local Cryotherapy: Facial Freeze or spot treatments on area of your choice

Normatec: 25 minutes of Compression therapy for your legs

Celluma Light Therapy: 25 minutes of light therapy for acne, wrinkles, or pain using FDA approved technology

T-Shock: 50 minutes of non surgical face lift, skin tightening in area of your choice, or fat cell destruction thru cryolipolysis


Treatment Packages

Shareable and good for one year

Introductory first visit


Reboot (3 shareable visits @ $40 each)


Recover (6 visits @ $33 each)


Restore (10 shareable visits @ $30 each)


7 Session Challenge (7 sessions in 7 days - Not Shareable)


Monthly Membership Plans

For one person and auto-bills each month

1 Session Freeze Club (1 visits per month)


2 Session Freeze Club (2 visits per month)


4 Session Freeze Club (4 visits per month)


8 Session Freeze Club (8 visits per month)


Gold Freeze Club (15 visits per Month - SHAREABLE)


Platinum Freeze Club (30 visits per Month - SHAREABLE)


  Family Discounts Available - 20% off your second plan

T-Shock Pricing

1 Hour Session (1 visits ~ $300 each)


2 Treatments (2 visits ~ $275 each)


4 Treatments (4 visits ~ $250 each)


7 Treatments (7 visits ~ $225 each)


10 Treatments (10 visits ~ $200 each)



  • We recommend that you come in seven consecutive days to experience the maximum healing benefits.
  • Buy seven sessions in a row - $175.
  • Send Email To Buy Seven Sessions Now
  • Passes can be shared amongst family and friends.
  • Membership plans are for individuals and cannot be shared. Be sure to ask your home studio about discounts when adding family members to your membership plan.
  • If you have an active membership, additional sessions can be purchased for $35. There are also packages are available at member discounted pricing.
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