ry Cryotherapy Studio in Uptown Dallas

Pro Tip:
Please come in completely dry, free of sweat and body lotion. Men must be wearing dry underwear. Don't worry - if you forget, they have moisture-stripping body wipes for you.

Uptown Dallas


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4514 Travis St Ste 116, Dallas, TX 75205

Dallas TX 75219

+1 214.758.0050


Open Hours

Mo - Th: 7 to 7:30

Fr: 7 to 6

Sa - Su: 9 to 4


Visit the pricing of our friends at Katy Trail - Friends of CryoZone at Katy Trail


  • We recommend that you come in seven consecutive days to experience the maximum healing benefits.
  • Passes can be shared amongst family and friends.
  • Membership plans are for individuals and cannot be shared. Be sure to ask your home studio about discounts when adding family members to your membership plan.
  • If you have an active membership, additional sessions can be purchased for $25.
  • Members are welcome at all CryoZone studios nationwide; however, a $25 drop in fee is applicable when visiting studios other than your home studio.